Areas of activity

Corporate and trade law

  • Counseling on the formation of companies
  • Drawing up partnership agreements/articles of association
  • Preparation of and representation in shareholders’ meetings/AGMs
  • Rights and duties of managers, boards of management, supervisory boards
  • Termination of companies
  • Disputes among partners
  • Law governing commercial representatives, authorized dealers and agents
  • Sales law

 Family law, in particular in an international context

  • Divorce and related matters
  • Custody and right of access
  • Contracts in family matters

Inheritance law

  • Drawing up last wills
  • International inheritance cases
  • Executorship
  • Corporate succession

Labor law

  • Drawing up employment contracts
  • Drawing up severance and termination agreements
  • Employment protection law
  • Representation in labor court cases
  • Right of residence for international professional and managerial staff